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Cancer Donation for May 2018

We just made our monthly donation to Cancer Research via The Canadian Cancer Society. Though, this month is a slight bummer - due to a sour turn of events, all our members were dumped by our payment processor about a week ago. What most people don't know (and would never think about), is that VISA and MasterCard both charge adult content producers $500 per year, just to allow us to use their services. They take a cut on top of that. If you ask why (I have many times), you'll be told "That's because adult website transactions are considered high risk." When you ask (as I have many times), "Hold on... uh, if you take a credit card number, and the charge goes through... what exactly is the risk?", you'll be told (as I have many times) "Yeah, well... that's just our policy."

It's a corrupt cash-grab - that's it. They know it, and they've admitted that as much to me when I press them about it. They get away with it because they know that no one will ever come to the aid of the sex industry in fair business matters. In other words, because we're the sex business, they can bend us over and have their way. And they do.

The irony... porn is considered the immoral business.

So, the payment processor we use decided not to give us a short extension ($500 USD isn't chump change and we just needed 4 more days), dropped our VISA processing and cancelled all our members. I was pretty raw about it, but as I mentioned above, I was more raw about the bending over thing. So, I made this month's donation out of my own pocket. Funny, I'm punished for being in the porn business, but I'm the one donating to a good cause while the financial institutions are walking all over people like me. Yeah, this post is a little dark, and yeah, I'm a little pissed. BUT, I still made good on my promise that we'd donate to cancer research each month.

Now, we're off to get our business back. To the members who were cancelled, we hope you'll pull out your VISAs once more for us. We'll keep giving no matter what, but we can give more together.

May 4, 2018

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