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Cancer Research Donation for June 2018 - Mia Khalifa Edition

This month's Cancer Research Donation is "The Mia Khalifa Edition". Well, sort of. That is to say, she doesn't know about the website, or me and frankly doesn't give a fuck what I do each month. And she most certainly doesn't even know about a thing that she doesn't know about that I'm calling the Mia Khalifa Edition of anything for that matter. So, why's this donation to The Canadian Cancer Society dedicated to her?

Well... she's Mia fuckin' Khalifa, that's why.

Truthfully, she passed through Toronto a few months back and caught a hockey game, among other things. This filled me with glee, as she herself does. She's put her porn life behind her and I respect that. She says porn is bad, and I don't respect that BUT totally respect her point of view as hers, and important. Etc, etc and etc.

So, anyway, that's my pitch for this one. Lame maybe, but if my 30 years in the creative industry has taught me anything, it's that a great pitch can sell even a mediocre idea.

Oh, and cancer's bad, etc etc. Donate to your local cancer research center and help someone get better.

June 8, 2018

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