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Cancer Research Donation for March 2018, Special Edition

Well, this post was accidentally deleted during a site update, so I have to re-write this. Fuck me. Well, actually... Fuck Cancer.

So, a few weeks back (at the time of this post) I did an under-whelming AMA on Reddit. Due to my in-experience with the platform, and a PR error, only a handful of people saw it and fewer participated. One person did, and that's the person this post is about. Reddit user "midwestcouple" was the only Redditor to really engage. He or She (not sure which) asked me some very direct questions about why I'd choose porn (and not Jesus for example) to celebrate life after cancer? After exchanging several messages, they shared a personal story about their grandfather who was lost to cancer recently. They also mentioned that they dontate occasionally to Fuck Cancer.

So, midwestcouple... this one's for grand-dad.

Here's the Reddit AMA I mentioned.

March 21, 2018

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