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December 2018 Cancer Research Donation: Christmas Edition

I'm a Christmas Junky!

Okay, a couple more specific distinctions are important here. I'm an atheist. Christmas has never been about Jesus for me. I get that Christmas is "religious" but I'm not, so that doesn't impact me in any way. I've been accused of "falling for the big corporate lie" and supporting shallow consumerism by a few people. Those people are usually on a soap box shouting about Monsanto and such. To them, I've said, "Uh, no... that's not what happened. I've worked in advertising and marketing for 30+ years. There's no trick of that trade I'm not already an expert about, so no, I didn't fall for anything." For me, Christmas is something different.

I don't remember what year it was particularly - I was very young - but the first time I was aware of the power of the holiday season was the first time I was old enough to recall a random stranger walking by me and my family while we were out walking, and said "Merry Christmas!" It struck me that he didn't mean anything more by it than just a genuinely warm sentiment. That stuck with me my whole life, until now as I write this. I don't remember more about him, but I do remember what he said.

Every year as a personal ritual, I watch "A Christmas Carol" with Alistar Simm on Christmas Eve. While that story (in all it's versions) has a few religious overtones to it, they're conceptual. The more important message for me, the one that is relevant to me now, is "good will toward men". Yes, originally pen'd in scripture, but that's okay. The important thing is that we can be good toward each other without believing in a floating bearded man in the sky who gets disappointed in us when we're naked.

I also love "A Charlie Brown Christmas" special. Especially the sound track by Vince Guaraldi and his trio. It reminds me of my childhood memories of Christmas, watching it every year. Ironically, the most religious Christmas show, created by an extremely religious person.

So, this donation is dedicated to the season I love. Be kind to your fellow man (by "man", read "everyone") and, of course, Merry Christmas.

December 18, 2018

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