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Don't just yank it, yank it like a pro

There are a few different ways to masturbate. I've included this Men's Health article that talks about 5 ways. There are 2 of those methods that I use now and again. You can also read this post with a little more about the benefits of masturbation. You should do it every day. Anyway...

As for masturbation techniques, I discovered "edging" once, by accident. I didn't know that's what it was called until about 18 minutes ago, when i read the article I just mentioned, but I've done it many times over the years. It's the method by which you masturbate until you almost orgasm, but then stop cold, and let your erection relax a little. Take a few moments, then start again. Repeat that three or four times. Then, go all the way. The final time, just before you orgasm, stroke more rapidly as you orgasm. I personally don't go harder, just faster, but maybe experiment for whatever works best for you. Your orgasm will be considerably more intense. It obviously takes longer, so if you're just sitting around with an hour to kill, give it a try. I remember when I discovered the technique the first time. I was watching Tori Welles in Andrew Blake's Night Trips. It had just come out and I kept stopping and starting while watching it. Not because I "thought of" the technique, nor did I know it would make any difference, but I guess I just did. The orgasm was way more intense than usual, and I realized it was the starting and stopping that was likely the cause. Surprise! That was a good day. I was always a Tori Welles fan after that, for some mysterious reason.

As for toys, I have a fleshlight, but it's by no means "the best" male toy I've ever used. Without going to the extent of a Real Doll, I've tried one or two different toys, and the one I like the most, personally, is the HEPS Oral Sex Simulator. Here's a link to the online store I got mine from originally. Google reviews and you'll find a few. Everyone seems to like it. So do I.

Whether you masturbate manually or with some help, make sure you do it every day, assuming you're able.

October 21, 2017

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