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February 2019 Cancer Donation: Ty Strokes edition

A few weeks back, a "fellow" porn producer who goes by Ty Strokes, of Camilly Entertainment, was kind enough to show some support of the site and the cause so I thought I'd dedicate this month's donation to him. The reason I put fellow in quotes is because I could only really call him a fellow producer if I were in the same league, with similar credibility. I'm not. He has a legitimate fan base, industry followers and recognition. He's also produced a lot more porn than I have. So, I'm not his fellow producer, because I've accomplished none of that. But, he still paid attention to the cause and shared my Twitter profile with his followers, saying: "My Timeline Please Follow and Support @XCalvinTauntonX". That meant a lot to me.

I don't talk about this very much, but I know a producer like Ty Strokes understands this, so I'll share this little insight with you, the reader: I (and many other producers like me) have invested approximately $200,000 into this porn venture since the first day it began. That's not "porn money from some rich dude"... that's money I had to earn myself, working normal jobs like everyone else. I didn't invest in the stock market, save it for retirement or buy an amazing house and car. No, I sunk it into porn. Porn for people to enjoy. I made it out of passion for the product and hoped the money would come back. It hasn't. Not even close. Not half. Not even 25%. Not even in the same ballpark. That's roughly 12 years in. Do the math. I keep working at it though, because it's a matter of effort over time and exposure etc etc etc to acheive something successful. But, I don't measure success by what I make. I measure it by what I give back.

In an ideal world, I can survive, pay the bills, have what I need and continue to make content - that's what I get back. What I give back is that the models, the crew and my affiliates earn well enough to support what we're doing. Also, that donation to cancer research each month could be $1000, $2000, $5000... imagine the good that might do over time. That's why I keep doing it.

When another producer with absolutely no reason to support what I'm doing, or care that I'm doing it or take me seriously in any way takes the time to say "Hey, I just noticed your work and your cause and I thought I'd share your message with the followers I've worked hard to build up", that means a lot to me. Did we change the world? Nope. Does that make us producers in a legitimate form of media in the mainstream view? Nope. Was it just an act of kindness from one person to another - a gesture to say, "Yo, I know what you're doing is hard, so here's a little help." Egg-fuckin-zactly it is.

I also doubled this month's donation as my way of saying "Thanks, brother."

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February 14, 2019

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