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November 2017 Cancer Research Donation

Today, we just made the first donation to Cancer Research via the Canadian Cancer Society. Since Ball Wonder is a new brand we don't have a ton of members yet, but the few we do have so far are why we do what we do. And cancer research is why I'm alive to do what I do.

My business partner and consultant on Ball Wonder and myself felt that genuine donations to cancer and a committment to doing it each month was very important. It's not clear whether research centers and the science community at large would be willing to accept donations coming from an adult entertainment brand, so to that point, we've made the donation (and future donations) through a presonal account, donated online.

I'll write a small report on each donation each month (obviously protecting the donor's private information) to let our members know we're committed and accountable.

Below is the nice message we received in return. For more infomation on donating to Cancer Research in Canada, visit them online here.

November 21, 2017

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