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Oh, hello hot doctor who I know personally!

My face is on my porn site. I don’t hide myself. Obviously I’m fine with people knowing what I do. That said, I only tell people “selectively” about it, if at all. Not because I’m hiding, but because not everyone’s into porn. I have non-porn creative clients, some of whom I’ve told, many whom I’ve not, for the same reasons. Bottom line, I use common sense when deciding who to discuss my porn work with. Friends who enjoy porn - obviously. Religious friends who want me to find jesus - obviously, no point. You get the idea. However, that does conflict with the #1 rule of porn:

Just assume everyone you DON’T want to find out you do porn, will be the FIRST ones to find out you do porn.

And that rule is true. It’s scary HOW true it is. I was reminded of it today when I went to my clinic to get my monthly STI tests done. Yeah.

When we shoot, the girl brings a recent copy of a clear STI workup, and I have mine on hand as well. This is a no-brainer, obviously. In the US, there are testing clinics specifically for industry talent. Everyone registers and gets their tests done through the system. There’s a booming industry there, so it makes perfect sense. Here in Canada, we don’t have such a facility or organization (yet), so we use public clinics, who in turn, use public health laboratories (Ontario organization) to run the tests and return the results. Same deal as the US with a different path-to-completion. It’s free for us - a bonus of the Canadian Healthcare system. Anyway… I go to the clinic today for my tests to discover a new walk-in Doctor on duty this particular day. She’s a hot South Asian in her mid-thirties - that’s not important, but I enjoy such details - and when she walked in, we instantly recognized each other. I’ve known her for years. And, she’s in that “I don’t tell” group. Aaaaaaand, there’s the rule.

Long story short, we had a quick chat since she was in a busy clinic without time for a longer discussion, and she reassured me that this definitely falls under the Doctor-patient confidentiality rule. She just smiled, paused and said “Is everything really okay?”, sort of assuming that I was being tested for fear I was sick. “Everything’s fine, don’t worry - this is something I do monthly.” She was relieved and smiled, asking if that was all I needed, and both of us knowing we would eventually talk outside the clinic environment - sort of a mutually understood idea that this conversation wasn’t over. I said “No, I’m all good. (I paused) Ha, I bet this comes as news?” She laughed and just nodded slightly and shrugged.

What a day.

December 18, 2017

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