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That dating game though

Personally, I find it very frustrating trying to understand the nuances of "the dating game". I've also learned some very interesting things about myself as a result of doing porn. What I've learned is that when there's no pressure to do and say the right things, I naturally do and say the right things. Thanks "universe" for being so helpful.

There are a number of girls that I've shot with that translated into personal hookups. Not dating and girlfriends, but just fun fuck-fests. But, I'm useless in a bar or picking up girls socially. For some reason, I find it hard to transfer what I do with the girls I work with to the girls I meet socially. It's not that I've never had success - I've been married twice - it's just that I seem to understand the relationship between myself and girls I work with better, than the ones where sex isn't a certain outcome.

For all of us, sexual pressure is a huge part of meeting and mingling with people. What's most interesting to me is how complicated it is to just be yourself in those situations. Especially those of us without all the "natural gifts" given to some at birth. Natural good looks, good metabolism, all that. Particularly those with the added benefit of coming from stable homes where examples of good healthy relationships help shape the way they see love and relationships. But this is where sex can teach us something about the non-sex part of dating and relationships.

If you want to make your partner orgasm, sex experts suggest that you see what your partner likes, and keep doing that, and they'll likely have an orgasm soon. If she moans when you lick her slowly, keep doing that. If he says, "Oh my god" when you stroke his cock during the blowjob, keep stroking it. It's not really rocket science, but in the moment, we're not always thinking straight. Same goes for dating and relationships. If she reacts to certain things you do or say, keep doing those things. If he really likes that thing you do with your hair, do it all the time. As long as it works, keep doing whatever you're doing. It's a simple formula. The hard part, is actually doing it. Keep your eyes peeled for those signals.

October 30, 2017

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