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The first Ball Wonder shoot... uh, part deux

Okay, so we had a little hiccup early on. We meant to shoot Audrey LaVey for the first Ball Wonder branded scene, but a scheduling issue came up, so we're shooting her early in November instead. Enter Skylar Harris - aka Skylar Xtreme.

We'd planned to shoot Skylar anyway. She's by no means a second choice - it's just that we recently shot her for another series. As a rule, you TRY to put a break between models in the rotation, but that's not always possible in a smaller market like Canada. It's not LA or Miami. We can't just "call that guy and get another girl by noon". We have to put in a little more effort here. However, Skylar always makes it easy.

I met Skylar back when she was first looking for work. She'd just turned 18, and was already posting butt shots on social media. She saw one of my ads, and we booked her. She's fun to shoot with, and loves the work. A casting agent saw her on my site - he's already hired her for another gig - he commented "Hey, there's Skylar. She's hard to miss." He's right. She's intense. Looking forward to it. The scene will be up by the weekend, or shortly after. I added the script just below her pic, so you can see the silliness we're getting up to.

October 25, 2017

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