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The first Ball Wonder shoot

I'm really looking forward to the first Ball Wonder shoot this week. For many years, the porn I made was good, but not interesting, or particularly unique. After talking with my business partner (an amazing and generous person), we came up with a fun formula... the Ball Wonder Challenge.

According to the challenge format, each scene features a sassy, sexy babe who accepts the Ball Wonder challenge. "Try not to be seduced into a serious romp". Of course... they all fail the challenge. The site would be less interesting as you can imagine if not. So, yeah... porn follows the script like everyone else. The scripts says "gets naked and gets banged", so yeah, all that happens. It's fun. We have acting, bad pickup lines, comic book style and game graphics. Yes, I said it was porn. You'll see.

First up, is the ever-so-cute-as-fuck Audrey LaVey. She's a local actress and model, and she's down, to get down. Can't wait. More to come.

October 17, 2017

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