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The move I call "Well, hello Asshole"

I’m no sex expert. I make porn, but I haven’t made enough to gain any credibility such that you should take my advice about matters of sexual satisfaction. So, I don’t offer this advice based on my credibility, but on the credibility of the girls for whom this turned the tables. It’s a little move I call “Well, hello Asshole.”

There was a redhead I used to know, and her and I were killing some time, horizontally this particular night. She’s Russian, and while I don’t always like Russian accents, on her it worked. She had extremely kinky, curly hair almost down to her amazing ass, and it was deep red. Strangely red, in fact. But, it was her hair and it worked on her. Anyway, I was going down on her and she was enjoying it as she usually does. It was gentle and slow and it was doing the trick, and I happened to pay attention at one point when her head was back and her eyes were closed - looking up her body to her face was quite a sight, she’s very toned and petite. For whatever reason at that moment, I decided to let one of the down strokes of my tongue go a little further and brush her butt hole gently. Her body flinched slightly and her head came up, and she let out a long, sexy “Oohhhh”, at which point she was paying full attention, looking at me and watching. At this point I’d gone back to the previous pussy licking, but could see where she wanted me to go, so I let one more slide down. She went limp and started lifting her hips in time with my tongue, helping me reach her butt more easily. She quickly went from enjoying the head, to masturbating herself enthusiastically with my tongue until she finally started to shake, pulled my head tighter to her pussy and had a good orgasm. We talked about it a few times after that night as well. Not every girl I’ve tried that on reacted the same way, but all the girls who enjoyed it, all enjoyed it a lot. Mainly that I didn’t warn them - it was just, like “Well, hello Asshole”.

Try it out for fun.

October 31, 2017

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