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Welcome to the Ball Wonder Story Blog

Hi, and welcome to the Ball Wonder Story Blog. My (stage) name is Calvin Taunton, and I'm pretty excited. I'd like you to be excited too. Yeah, I meant that both ways you read it.

So, I had cancer. Testicular cancer to be precise. Check that story here. The good news is, that's no longer what my life is all about, and I'm very grateful for that. It was a rough few years, but those years are behind me now. That doesn't mean, however, that it's not still an important topic for me. It certainly is, but that is to say, it's the motivation for all the good stuff I do with my life now. You might not agree that running a porn site and being featured in it's content constitutes "good stuff" but that's okay. You don't have to watch my porn if that's not your thing. Just accept that regardless how it played out for me, it's a celebration of life, and that's the thing we can both be excited about together. There I go again. Anyway...

When I started Test1 Productions, I had no ideas. As a result, I ran a moderately popular, but little known porn site. Now I have more ideas (and more experience, and a ton of help), and make much better porn. That's the way it always goes in life - you get better at something by doing more of it. I have, and I did. But that's not why you should be excited about my porn. The girls, either - though, I HOPE you're excited about them. They sure are amazing people. But you should be excited about my porn for another reason. A financial one.

The new porn site is up and running, and we're donating 5% of each month's take to cancer research. No, really. No, I'm not making that up to make you feel better about the porn site, and its' not a cheap PR trick. It's actually happenning, yes, really. My partner and consultant said, "They likely won't take the money, but we'll try." That bothered me for a day or two. But, then I realized, I could just donate it anonymously. Problem, solved. That's what we're doing. I'll blog about that each month.

That's all for now. The first post. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll be blogging regularly. Stay tuned, and see you soon.

October 16, 2017

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