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Why Ajit Pai should fuck off, and why he won’t (aka RIP net neutrality)

It’s most interesting to me that in 2018, the freedom to exchange information openly and fairly is literally being taken away by government. Not just being taken away, but being taken away by someone with the balls to look straight at you and tell you you should kiss his ass and be happy for it, while he does it. It’s just a coincidence that his face and smile are both irritating. Makes it seem worse, though, it’s just the same. How does someone get away with this, in this day and age? Imagine if someone rolled up to your house and said, “Sorry, you can’t watch videos online anymore. Yeah… that’s all done. Turns out, we’re going back to cables in the wall, a television and you have to be home at 8pm to watch any show you might like. Oh, yeah, and commercials. Fuck you! And have a nice day!” Before you say it’s not going to be that bad… well, it might be.

I can’t elaborate on net neutrality and all it’s legal moving parts anymore than the average person could. Besides, you don’t need me to - you’ve heard as much about this as I have. Basically, it means that as consumers, Americans will have to trust the communication companies to do fair business.

I’ll stop right there. There’s no possibility that will happen. There’s not a remote likelihood, scarce chance, 1 in 327 shot it might… that just won’t happen. Ajit Pai says it will. He knows it won’t. And that’s what this is all about.

I’m Canadian, and I live and work in Canada. However, I’ll be just as affected by the FCC killing net neutrality as any American. If, hypothetically, everyone in America was suddenly unable to visit Facebook, but you could still visit it everywhere else, no problem, how long do you imagine Facebook would last? Or YouTube. Those may not be imminent issues in reality, but who knows what will happen once communication companies and service providers can do whatever the hell they want. “Oh, don’t worry… they’ll be totally fair and cool.” Really? Nonsense.

So why would anyone in their right mind, be willing to be the face of change - a change NO ONE WANTS and will hate you for - and take the heat of an entire nation? Well, you don’t need me to tell you why.

As a small market porn producer in Canada, I have absolutely no way of knowing how this will affect me, but I have complete faith in the system - faith that if it can affect me, they’ll totally figure out how. Maybe they’ll just flat-out block my site from American viewers all together. Maybe I’ll get a letter from my ISP in Canada, announcing my web-hosting is about to cost a SHIT-TON more if I want any American traffic. Who knows?

Fuckin Ajit Pai knows, that’s who. Congratulations asshole… you’re about to become the most hated, super-rich prick in the USA. You’re smiling now, but just wait until people can’t stream their favourites. Good luck going out in public.

January 17, 2018

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